artist with swimsuit pose

Swimming is one of the favorite sports for some people who are on vacation. If you have a hobby of swimming, of course you have a mainstay swimsuit to wear. Likewise with this row of Indonesian artists. Not only do they have one, even their swimsuits can change and of course they are maximally sensual.

This swimsuit model of a row of Indonesian artists can be an inspiration. So, here are the swimsuit models for Indonesian artists, ranging from bikini models to long-sleeved shirts.

Tyas Mirasih

As quoted from, Tyas Mirasih is a celebrity who dares to show her swimsuit style in her Instagram account posts. Having a body that is maximally cool, Tyas definitely has a mainstay swimsuit.

One of them is a bikini with a minimalist, monochrome motif. But, there is a touch of see-through in her bikini layering. The shape looks unique.

Tyas Mirasih appeared in a swimsuit with an animal print bekini model posing beside the swimming pool. Tyas completed his style with a transparent kimono that sweetened his appearance.

Sophia Latjuba

This Indonesian artist who has tanning skin has always been iconic with his sensual style. Including when wearing a swimsuit, here.

For her signature swimsuit, Sophia Latjuba likes to wear a patterned halter bikini set. So, besides being able to show off her ideal curves, this girl can also look playful when swimming.

Cinta Laura

This indo-looking artist is getting more and more attention with his OOTD style that is maximally cool. One of the highlights is the choice of swimsuit.

In addition to wearing a bikini, Cinta Laura also often wears a unique one-piece swimsuit. For example, with a fun star-shaped embellishment detail. More beautiful and sexy.

Andrea Dian

The wife of Ganindra Bimo is indeed a hobby of exercising, including swimming. So, of course Andrea Dian has a variety of swimsuits.

One of Andrea's favorites is a one-piece swimsuit with a minimalist look, but a sensual elegance that really feels in this Andrea Dian look.